Thursday 13th March

Present: Ella H., James, Megan, Adam, Jennifer, Callie, Grace T. Samuel

Agenda: Wildlife, gardening and nature

Birdhouse; Jennifer reported back that her bird box is still in progress and James is giving his bird house to Adam or arrange a get together to get it finished.

Ella brought in some nature books to look at and it was agreed that we need more food, habitats to attract wildlife.
Miss I. Explained that we need money to improve our nature environment.
James suggested a scavenger hunt which was agreed we will do in the summer term.
Miss I. Suggested we approach PFA for a donation of money.
Samuel, Callie, Grace and James suggested bee and butterfly houses.

Mr Ellard and Mr Thomas have contacted Miss I. to see if the school could use help again with the school garden. Eco- Action them took a vote and thought this was a good idea.
It was discussed whether we would prefer vegetables, fruit and flowers. Miss Ibotson proposed that all the team think about what we would like to grow and we will talk about it again by Monday. Miss Ibotson will then contact Mr Ellard to arrange a visit.

Miss Ibotson explained that we are are working for a green flag award and everybody will need to be a committed Eco team member.

Jennifer and Megan reported back that they haven’t been turning off lights. Miss Ibotson showed Megan and Jennifer were all the lights switches are in the central area.

Date of next meeting Monday 17th March.

Meeting closed at 12.50pm


Our new badges!

On Monday 2nd March we were presented with our new Eco Action Team badges which we will wear with pride. Thank you Miss Guy for ordering these for us!