Eco-Action Team Thursday 16th January 2014

Meeting opened 12.05 pm
Present: Ella H., Grace T., Callie, Adam, James, Samuel, Megan, Jennifer, Miss Ibotson

Agenda: Wildlife around the school

Over a working lunch Eco Club would like to encourage more wildlife into the school grounds and to encourage other pupils to look after wildlife such as bugs, birds and worms.
James suggested a wildlife area and said they have one at Middle School. Ella told us about Titchmarsh School’s wildlife area.
Adam looked up RSPB on the Internet and James told us that he is a member of the RSPB.
Discussing making posters to encourage more care with wildlife and birds
Jennifer and Megan suggested a wildlife ‘hide’

Ella to bring in bird books
James to bring in RSPB magazines
Miss Ibotson to find out more about BIRDWATCH and register us, find posters, recording sheets
All Eco team (apart from Samuel who wasn’t keen) to make posters to tell people about BIRDWATCH
Miss I to find out about badges and order some
James, Adam and Samuel to check on bird food and feeders
Megan & Jennifer to look for area for wildlife area and hide
Callie, Ella & Grace to find shallow water container for birds and to make sure it is filled every morning.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 6th February 2014

meeting closed at 12.35pm